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Why the lion?

Why the lion?
I have been asked this a bunch of time, "Tell me about the logo" or "What is this tell me what I'm looking at". (Ouch! As an illustrator that kinda stung.) I explain. This lion started as an exercise in getting me think in a new direction. See I'm an artist, painter, illustrator and other things. While I was in school a teacher of mine asked the class to 'change their way of thinking' the chore was to create a collage of anything they wanted. And we did. The. He said now paint that collage onto your canvas as exact as possible. So I did. And the result is the digitized lion you see today (that's part of the 'other things' I do). Lots of creativity, time and thought went into the lion painting. As I looked at my DaGoods logo from nearly 20 years ago the screaming head changed to a roaring lion. The lion is one of the top 5 loudest animals in the wild. 114 decibels is how loud the large male roars, it's as loud as a rock concert. I feel the strength of the lion when I see the logo, I hear the roar and when I wear the shirt I feel like I'm representing boldness, and letting people know I got DaGoods come and see if we can grow.


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